Offline data backup. Free. Encrypted.

Partition Purpose Mountpoint Size Usage
Sector-4 General share /mnt/everstore/share 57 TB 10%
Sector-MR Private /mnt/everstore/mr 6 TB 14%
Sector-MP Private /mnt/everstore/mp 60 GB 98%
Sector-BW Private /mnt/everstore/bw 140 GB ? %
Sector-YD Private /mnt/everstore/yd ? TB 0%
Sector-DS Private /mnt/everstore/ds ? TB 0%
Sector-TZ Private /mnt/everstore/tz ? TB 0%
- Free - 14.8TB -

EverStore is a data storage project.
8*12TB HDDs are passed through a LSI 9240-8i HBA to the operating system.
A RAID 6 is formed from these block devices, creating a logical volume with a size of 72TB.
This volume is then split into partitions for various use. Private partitions are encrypted using LUKS.

Cost Overview

Part Cost
Chassis 0€
Mainboard 0€
RAM 0€
CPU 0€
Hard Drives 2,132.51€
Hard Drive Bays 23.98€
USB 3.0 PCI card 7.95€
USB 3.0 cables 24.95€
HBA 66.90€
PSU 77.79€
Sum 2,335.08€

Estimated Cost: 3,000.00€
Donations are welcome via PayPal.


Gathering hardware components: HBA, some old drives for prototyping, a proper power supply with 8+ S-ATA power plugs and some server GPUs for another project.
Testing hardware with an old server, thinking about reusing the server enclosure and moving the drives to its bays. That'd free the PSU I bought.
Got everything running in the case with place for 8 drives. The mentioned server does only support 4 drives. The Dell PERC H310 was flashed to TI mode pretty much following one of these tutorials.
Note that I had to tape pins B5 and B6 of the PCIe connector to get the card running on my commodity Gigabyte mainboard. There appears to be an issue with the shared memory bus address negotiation. For further information, I refer to this guide.
A big 'Thank you!' goes out to MDDrHouse for helping me out with various issues in this phase of the project. I owe you one and hope you enjoyed the pizza!
Finally got all 8 drives. It took quite a bit of time to them, as the market's situation appears not to be in the best shape be cause of $reasons.
The drives placed in the chassis.
And detected by the HBA.

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