Is this art??

I picked up a Sony Alpha 7 II and a random lens quite some time ago.
Maybe you find some of my shots inspiring.
If you have any idea or motive or just need someone to release the shutter, hit me up.
Full-res photos (6000px) and full sets are available on demand. Here are some samples. Some are free. Just click on them.

First Shot
The first shot. Not the whiskey. The picture itself. The whiskey neither is the first, nor is it a shot!
Happy 2024!
New Year's Eve in Frankfurt, Germany.
First Gig
Right before the first gig. Obviously, I didn't take that picture myself.
Somewhere Lost
Nature reclaiming what was taken. Somewhere lost. Leipzig, Germany.
The Trunk
A mossy trunk with white flowers on it. Endless fields of wild garlic in the background.
Stray Cat
A stray cat in Heraklion, Greece. They are everywhere!

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