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Why don't you use 'Whatsapp'? I try to avaid cooperation with giga-giant companies that pursue to sell my life while spitting on my privacy.
Whatsapp is 'end-to-end' encrpyted. Why should I worry? Do you trust an encryption that the NSA designed for you? 1
In addition, your meta data is not encrypted. The operator can derive insights valuable enough to sell and thereby sustain their service.
What's wrong with them having all my data? I don't have anything to hide! This is like argumenting: I don't need my right to freedom of expression because I have nothing to say. Please rethink your life instead of disregarding your base rights. People have fought and died for you to have these rights. Such disrespectful behaviour destroys our society.
Why don't you eat meat? No living being should ever die primarily for my gusto.
Furthermore, there are economical reasons, which you are free to look them up yourself 5 6 7 8 9 10.
Why don't you use any social networks? I successfully got rid of this parasite on 2017-12-01. It freed my mind.
I am neither interested in the input nor in the output of these platforms. The burden of consistent non-sense information and manipulation of public opinion drove me crazy. Further, I do not have the urge to present myself (or my food etc.) to anyone else.
My life is about me alone, and not what others think of me. I have no need to be fishing for attention. Have a nice day.
You run a visitor counter, but you claim not storing any user-related data. So how can you tell if I'm a 'new' visitor to your homepage? I store a hash of your external IP address. They're deleted every day. The hash function is sha512. Your external IP address looks like this to me:
Guessing that this once was counts as not 'easy' today.

a It appears to me, that this question is often related to shortsighted reflection on ones own values and rights.

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