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Computer Science
Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
Master of Science
Computer Science
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

--- M.Sc. Computer Science ---

Attention! All material found here is neither official material of the courses, nor is it error-free! These are just my personal summaries, elobarations, done tasks, protocols and presentations. They contain errors caused by me and therefore should be seen as completely wrong! Feel free to download everything and gain konwledge from it! Because knowlegde is and should be forever free!
Some contents are in German.

Abbr. Name ECTS Sem SH Type of exam Mark Elaboration
M-INFO-100801 Telematics 6 1 3L+1T Written 2.3 Summary
M-INFO-100833 Software engineering II 6 1 4L Written 1.7 Summary
M-INFO-100822 Heterogenouos and parallel systems 3 1 2L Oral exam 1.0 Summary Minute
M-INFO-100830 Optimization and synthesis of embedded systems 3 1 2L Oral exam 1.0 Summary Minute
M-INFO-100381 Design and architectures of embedded systems 3 1 2L Oral exam 1.3 Minute Summary
M-INFO-103808 Design of embedded systems 4 1 4PR Practical 1.0 IC74595 IC74597 ROM Binary C-Code Bitstream Report
M-ETIT-100546 Test of embedded systems in industrial environment 4 1 2L+1T Oral exam 1.3 Minute Summary
M-INFO-100818 Computer Architectures 6 2 3L+1T Written 1.3 Summary
M-INFO-100729 Human-Computer-Interaction 6 2 4L+1T Written 2.0 Summary
M-INFO-100721 Reconfigurable and adaptive systems 3 2 2L Oral exam 1.3 Summary Minute
M-INFO-100746 Hot Topics in Networking 3 2 2S Seminar 1.7 Elaboration Presentation
M-INFO-100807 Low Power Design 3 2 2L Oral exam 1.0 Summary Minute
M-INFO-102661 Circuit Design with Intel Galileo 3 2 4PR Practical 1.0 VHDL Files Arduino Files Circuit Project Circuit
M-INFO-101559 Krypto analysis 3 2 4PR Practical 1.0 Vigenere Permutation Meet in the middle Timing attack FEAL4 El Gamal
M-ETIT-100451 System-on-Chip* 6 2 4PR Presentation 1.0 -
M-ETIT-100473 Design of digital Circuits 4 2 2L+1T Oral exam 1.0 Summary
M-INFO-100739 Data and Storage Management 4 3 2L Oral exam 1.0 Summary Minute
M-INFO-100761 Distributed Computing 4 3 2L Written 1.0 Summary
M-INFO-102661 FPGA Programming 3 3 4PR Practical 1.0 Full Adder Sequential Couning Circuit State Machine Input Sampling & Sequence Detector Seven Segment Display Glowing & Fading LED Embedded Memory Block Vending Machine Advanced Sequence Detector VGA Driver
M-ETIT-100453 Hardware/Software Co-Design 4 3 2L+1T Oral exam 1.0 Summary
M-INFO-100783 Multi media communication 4 3 2L Oral exam 1.0 Summary Minute
M-INFO-100985 Internet of Everything 4 3 2L Oral exam 1.3 Summary Minute
M-INFO-101892 Communication for Engineers 2 4 1S Attendance none -
M-INFO-101892 Master's thesis: Co-Scheduling of Multiple Processes in Heterogeneous Systems 30 4 20M Scientific work 1.3 -
M.Sc. Master of Science 121 4 80 - 1.29 Master's Thesis

* Accomplishment recognized from preceeding studies

Types of courses:
M: Master's thesis
PR: Practical course
S: Seminar
T: Tutorial
L: Lecture

Modulhandbuch Informatik (M.Sc.)
Modulhandbuch Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik Master
Modulhandbuch fur den Studiengang Bachelor Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

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